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In-home pet euthanasia for your beloved dogs & cats in Lexington, KY

Our compassionate licensed veterinarians are available to help ease the pain of your beloved dog or cat at home, surrounded by loved ones.

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Meet local veterinarians in Lexington, KY serving pet parents with at-home pet euthanasia

Find and book local veterinarians to support you through this difficult time in the comfort of your home providing loving and professional care in your pet's final moments, starting at $350 for at-home pet euthanasia and starting at $65 for aftercare & cremation.

Dr. Carrie Everett

Dr. Carrie Everett

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Dr. Carrie Everett is a compassionate veterinarian with a deep-rooted love for animals, both big and small. Her journey in veterinary medicine began in Lexington, KY, where her childhood was filled with a passion for animals. Growing up, she always had at least one feline companion in her home and started her lifelong love for horses at the age of six. Carrie's connection with animals continued to flourish, and she welcomed her first dog at the age of 20 while studying at the University of Kentucky. Since then, she has cherished the companionship of three wonderful dogs. Carrie pursued her dream of becoming a veterinarian by attending Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2016. Her career took her to coastal Alabama, where she practiced veterinary medicine and gained valuable experience in the veterinary industry. After spending 11 years away from her Kentucky roots, Carrie is delighted to be back in her home state. Her passion for the outdoors shines through in her love for activities such as horseback riding, hiking, backpacking, camping, paddleboarding, and kayaking. She is also an avid reader and enjoys immersing herself in novels. In Lexington, Carrie shares her life with Eleven, her Doberman-mix companion named after the character from the show "Stranger Things," and her tabby cat, Dory. As a practicing veterinarian, Carrie found immense joy in supporting the special and irreplaceable bond between humans and their animal companions. She personally experienced the loss of her beloved pets, Cooper, Momma, and Vinny, and the assistance of an in-home euthanasia veterinarian during those difficult times left a profound impact on her. This experience ignited a passion within her to provide the same compassionate and peaceful end-of-life care for other pets and their families. Carrie believes there is something profoundly beautiful about allowing a pet to find solace and comfort in their familiar home environment while saying their final goodbye. It is both a privilege and an honor for her to be a part of this heartwarming process, offering solace and support to those in need.

What is Pet Euthanasia?

Pet euthanasia is a compassionate and peaceful end-of-life service for pets who are suffering or who have a significantly reduced quality of life. It is a humane and gentle process that ensures your beloved pet has a peaceful passing surrounded by love and compassion.

At Home Pet Euthanasia Services

Your local vet in Lexington, KY offers:

  • In-Home Euthanasia Appointments
    A qualified veterinarian comes to your home to perform the euthanasia in a comfortable and familiar environment for your pet.
  • Pet Cremation & Aftercare
    Comprehensive aftercare services including cremation, with various options to honor your pet's memory.
  • Memorabilia
    A selection of keepsake items to cherish the memory of your pet.
  • Deceased Pet Pick-Up
    Should your pet pass before the scheduled appointment, we provide immediate assistance and support.

Pet Euthanasia Near You

CodaPet's mission is to bring peace to all pets & their families. We do this by helping pet parents connect with local veterinarians quickly and easily. :

  • Real-Time Availability
    Instantly find available booking times and corresponding prices.
  • Local Vet Connection
    Search for a vet near you and get to know them through detailed profiles and reviews.
  • Online Booking
    Conveniently book the appointment online after selecting the vet that meets your needs.
  • Transparent Pricing
    Upfront pricing with no hidden costs.

Cities Served Near Lexington, KY

Proudly serving families in Lexington, KY and the surrounding areas: Louisville, Richmond, Florence, Frankfort, Georgetown, Nicholasville, London, Somerset, Ft Mitchell, Newport, Shepherdsville, Winchester, Independence, Shelbyville, Bardstown, Erlanger, Campbellsville, Berea, Danville

Resources Near Lexington, KY

Pet Euthanasia Clinics & Hospitals Near Lexington, KY

Emergency pet euthanasia hospitals and clinics in Lexington, KY provide compassionate and professional end-of-life care for pets. One notable facility is the Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists + Animal Emergency, which offers emergency euthanasia services in addition to a wide range of veterinary specialties. Their team of experienced veterinarians and staff provide a supportive environment for pet owners facing difficult decisions. Another reputable option is the MedVet Lexington, a 24-hour emergency and specialty animal hospital that offers compassionate euthanasia services for pets in need. Their dedicated team understands the emotional challenges associated with this decision and strives to provide comfort and support to pet owners during this difficult time. Additionally, the Lexington Animal Clinic & Hospital also provides emergency euthanasia services, offering a caring and understanding approach to help pet owners navigate this challenging process with empathy and respect.

When seeking emergency pet euthanasia services in Lexington, KY, it’s essential to consider facilities that prioritize both the emotional well-being of pet owners and the comfort of their beloved pets. Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists + Animal Emergency, MedVet Lexington, and Lexington Animal Clinic & Hospital are known for their commitment to providing compassionate end-of-life care for pets. These facilities offer a supportive environment where pet owners can make informed decisions about their pet’s well-being while receiving empathy and understanding from experienced veterinary professionals. By choosing a reputable emergency pet euthanasia hospital or clinic in Lexington, pet owners can ensure that their pets receive dignified and respectful end-of-life care during a challenging time.

Here are other local pet clinics and hospitals near Lexington:

Fayette Veterinary Clinic

144 E Reynolds Rd
Lexington, KY 40517
(859) 272-4364

PetVet365 Pet Hospital Lexington/Harrodsburg Rd

3094 Harrodsburg Rd Suite 101
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 810-7387

Animal Care Clinic

1096 Wellington Way #120
Lexington, KY 40513
(859) 223-8866

Gainesway Small Animal Clinic

1230 Armstrong Mill Rd
Lexington, KY 40517
(859) 272-9625

Tates Creek Animal Hospital

4101 Tates Creek Centre Dr #146
Lexington, KY 40517
(859) 273-1933

PetVet365 Pet Hospital Lexington/Richmond Rd

2870 Richmond Rd Suite 160 and 170
Lexington, KY 40509
(859) 203-5004

Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic

3270 Richmond Rd
Lexington, KY 40509
(859) 263-5037

Hartland Park Animal Hospital

4750 Hartland Pkwy
Lexington, KY 40515
(859) 245-7387

Animal Hospital of Nicholasville

10 Wichita Dr
Nicholasville, KY 40356
(859) 887-8086

Midway Small Animal Clinic

5745 Midway Rd
Midway, KY 40347
(859) 846-4202