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We understand that choosing what to do with your pet’s remains is an extremely personal decision, and we want to completely honor your wishes. As with every other aspect of your pet’s transition between life and death, your personal preferences and beliefs, as well as cost and local regulations can all affect your decision. Here are several options.


Cremation is the option most often chosen by our pet parents, in part because our CodaPet vets can handle all the cremation details for you, whether you decide on private or communal.

Private Cremation

This makes it possible for us to return the remains of your pet in an urn of your choice. You can then choose to bury the ashes, scatter them, or even transfer them to a decorative urn or other keepsake. If you would prefer water-based cremation (Aquamation) rather than traditional flame based, please ask your CodaPet vet if this is available in your area. If you'd like to consider the different options of urns we offer, please consult with your CodaPet vet before or at the appointment.*Aquamation places your pet’s body in a bath consisting of water and salts that together, hasten the process that would normally occur if your pet had been buried. It takes longer than traditional cremation (up to 24 hours) and has less impact on the environment.

Communal Cremation

We also offer communal cremation options for a lower price. This option ensures your pet is cremated with others and the ashes are ceremoniously spread on the crematorium grounds or another location.


Private Burial

If your city/county regulations allow, you can choose to bury your pet on your personal property. Please check local regulations to see if this is legal in your area.

Cemetery Burial

Many areas have pet cemeteries where you can bury your pet and mark the grave, making it possible for you to visit as you might with any other family member who has passed. If you want to bury your pet in a cemetery, you will need to choose and make arrangements with a local pet cemetery before the euthanasia appointment. Please be sure to let your CodaPet vet know if you have planned for such a burial.

Other Options


Some people choose to preserve a lifelike replica of their pet. If you are interested in this option, we recommend that you ask the taxidermist you plan to use to determine the most ideal method of storing your pet’s remains after passing. Please share this information with your CodaPet veterinarian as soon as possible so they are aware of your wishes.

Charitable Donation

Some people find comfort in knowing that as painful as it is to say goodbye to their pet, his or her remains can provide invaluable learning opportunities for future veterinarians and pet nurses. If that resonates with you, contact a veterinary teaching hospital or university prior to euthanasia to determine their current need. Please be sure to ask them if there is a particular drug that your CodaPet Vet should either use or avoid so that your pet’s condition at the time of passing will remain clear for the students to study. They might also have questions for your regular veterinarian about your pet’s general health and diagnosis.As difficult as it is to think about any of these options, deciding what you want ahead of time will help all concerned to honor your wishes.

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We had a serene, calm, peaceful experience. The customer service associate, vet tech, and Dr. Greta were all very empathetic, understanding, and comforting throughout the last moments of our journey with our Leia. We are very thankful to have chosen this in home service and also this specific company. I searched around and reviewed various OTHER companies offering the same or a similar service and felt those to be disconnected. I would choose Codapet 100% if I ever go through this again in the future. Thank you Dr. Greta for taking care of our little Leia with dignity and kindness as well as bringing a calming energy and spirit as we said goodbye to our Leia.

Andreea L

May 17, 2024

Dr. Jem Scott-Emuakpor, was amazing during what was a very difficult time. She was kind and comforting and allowed us some extended quite time with our Romeo once he had passed. This was extremely comforting and allowed for some much-needed closure. She was a true professional and so calming.

Nick M

May 15, 2024

Dr. Noe was very caring and sweet. The home service she provided gave us great peace of mind during such a hard time.

Brandie B

May 14, 2024

Dr. Dan really couldn’t have been more amazing. He was so sensitive and kind, and so respectful of our kitty’s life and our grief. This was an incredibly tough thing to go through, but he made it so much easier. The man is truly an angel and I couldn’t recommend him more! Thank you Dr. Dan, we will always be grateful for your compassion!

Mishell T.

May 14, 2024

Dr. Sarah was amazing. So patient and compassionate. Dr. Sarah helped us through one of our toughest days.

Jodi R.

May 13, 2024

I had a very peaceful experience, Dr. Kemper was so very gentle, kind and up most respectful to me and my pet. She made the experience of “putting my dog down” in my home so serene & anxiety free for both me and my precious dog Finnley, so grateful❤️ Thank you so much Dr. Kemper

Cynthia F

May 12, 2024

Was so so sweet and compassionate . Was on time and let us take our time with our dog . Would recommend her highly

Peggy L

May 12, 2024

Dr Vernon was very compassionate and gave me plenty of time to say goodbye to my beloved Mello. I would recommend her to my family and friends.

Tim F

May 10, 2024

Very thorough in explaining what was going to happen. Did not rush and gave us lots of time to say goodbye. Very compassionate and understanding

Gregg S

May 9, 2024

Dr Frary was incredibly compassionate and gave us plenty of time to say goodbye to our cat Monkey. I can't believe the difference between in clinic and at home. Our good boy wasn't scared and I held him the whole time. For the circumstances it was a really good experience. I would credit that to Dr Frary helping us as much as Monkey through it.


May 9, 2024

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