Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I schedule an appointment?

Start by choosing a veterinarian who serves your city. We welcome you to read the comprehensive bios of our veterinarians to choose the one that suits your needs best. After that, begin to book an appointment on your desktop or phone by clicking 'book appointment' under the veterinarian of your choice. You will be provided all the open appointments. Should you not find one you are looking for, you may contact us to see if a veterinarian in our network can accommodate a special request. Begin Here

What if I have to cancel a scheduled appointment?

We understand that life is unpredictable and at times appointments may have to be cancelled or rescheduled. Please give us 4 hours notice before your scheduled appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.

How do I choose a specific veterinarian?

Start by choosing a veterinarian who serves your city & area . In order to browse by veterinarian, we welcome you to read their comprehensive bios to choose one that suits your needs best. After that, begin to book an appointment on your desktop or phone by clicking 'See Availability' under the veterinarian of your choice. You will be provided all the open appointments. Should you not find one you are looking for, you may contact us to see if a veterinarian in our network can accommodate a special request.  Begin Here.

Does CodaPet have physical clinic locations?

We understand that saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a difficult and emotional experience. It's our goal to provide comfort and support during this difficult time. Although we don't have physical clinics, our mission is to make it possible for pet parents to have the option of a peaceful passing for their pet in the comfort of their own home and we are dedicated to making this process as comfortable as possible for you and your pet.

What type of pets do you service?

We work with veterinarian's that service dogs and cats, small mammals (e.g. rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs), reptiles and amphibians (e.g. snakes, lizards, and tortoises), birds (e.g. psittacines), farm animals (e.g. cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs), poultry (e.g. ducks and chickens), and horses.

How and when can I pay for my appointment?

CodaPet requires you provide your credit or debit card information upon booking an appointment on our website. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that you will not be charged until the vet is at your home and your wishes have been confirmed.

Many pet owners prefer to handle payment and paperwork prior to the actual euthanasia, ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about during this difficult time. This allows you to focus on being present with your pet and grieving without any added stress or distractions. We understand every situation is unique and are happy to support whatever is most comfortable for you.


What is euthanasia?

Euthanasia is assisting in the painless passing of an animal in order to end suffering. Read More

Why choose in-home euthanasia?

In-home euthanasia alleviates the stress caused by transporting pets that are weak or in pain.

In-home euthanasia ensures that your final goodbye takes place in the most comfortable place possible for you and your pet.

In-home euthanasia allows you to experience your final moments with your pet, along with whatever feelings you may have, in the privacy of your own home.

In-home euthanasia provides a respite from having to drive at a time when many people do not feel as focused as they normally would be. 

Who can be present?

You know what is best for your family but we recommend that you consider including any children or pets who will need closure. Of course, their ability to be calm and encourage your pet to be calm should factor into your decision.

How long will the procedure take?

You can expect your CodaPet veterinarian to be in home from 15-45 minutes, depending on how much of that time you need or want.

Knowing when it's time

How will I know it's time?

No one can give you a “one-size-fits-all” answer—because you, your pet, your situation are all unique. Give yourself space to consider how much quality of life your dog or cat has, and how that affects everyone concerned—you, your pet, and other members of your family. We can help you evaluate your pet’s quality of life, and help you think through some of the other factors that may affect your decision. Read more

Preparing for your appointment

Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?

Medication: We want to ensure that your pet is as comfortable and happy as possible. Many pets are in pain or are very ill toward the end of life and our highest priority is to minimize any pain or discomfort. We encourage you to give your pet's medication as prescribed unless it would otherwise cause more discomfort (such as nausea or discomfort in administration).

Meals: If your pet loves eating, you may give treats, including previously forbidden treats that your pet may enjoy, however, please be aware that, depending on the condition of your pet, sometimes they may regurgitate their meal or treats after the pain reliever or sedative is given. It is rare, but sometimes giving smaller treats or meals may minimize this.

Location: Your pet's comfort is our main concern and oftentimes a pet who is in pain or ill will choose their own place of comfort. This can be in front of the fireplace, under a tree, on your bed, or even in your lap. If your pet is quite ill and doesn't want to move, it's ok to allow them to remain where they are. If it is possible though, we recommend encouraging your pet to find a position or location where they will not have to be moved while allowing the veterinarian access to them. The process requires closeness so we want to encourage as much comfort without needing to re-position them.

Parking: As your appointment time nears, please provide a place for your veterinarian to park. This is particularly important if you would like your veterinarian to handle aftercare arrangements (cremation) for you. If you live in a parking-limited home such as an apartment, please provide parking instructions when your veterinarian reaches out. Also, please be mindful to ask any family members or guests visiting to leave a designated spot open near your home. This will help facilitate the transportation of your pet afterward (if desired).

Will I get to talk to the veterinarian before my appointment?

Since we strive to serve many areas and help as many pets and their families as we can, each veterinarian's schedule, timing, and availability is different. Your veterinarian will reach out to you by call or text the morning of, or the evening before your appointment.

Choosing to say goodbye is hard, we are here to help you feel at peace giving this last gift of kindness to your loyal companion. Reach out to us at 1-833-CODAPET (833-263-2738) at any time for support or questions you have along the way. 

Will the veterinarian examine my pet once they get to my home, what if I am not sure it is time?

Once our veterinarian arrive at your home they will lovingly assess your pet wherever they are most calm and comfortable. You are welcome to snuggle your pet, let them spend time with their fur siblings, or get cozy in a favorite sunny spot while the veterinarian gets to know you and your beloved friend. You will be able to share your pet’s journey, feel confident in your decision, and spend all the time you need giving your faithful friend this loving goodbye. Every step of the way, our veterinarian will be there to ensure your pet is free of pain, fear, and anxiety as you allow us to help them pass peacefully at home.

It is not uncommon to have doubts about whether we are doing the right thing for our beloved friend. Making the decision to ensure your pet passes with dignity at home with you requires both bravery and compassion. We recommend completing our Quality of Life Questionnaire daily, or even multiple times per day as you are considering when the time is right. Having multiple members of the family who see your pet at different times of day offer their views, while also completing the questionnaire can help form a more complete picture of how your pet is doing. Gauging trends like appetite, enjoyment of everyday activities, seeking affection, levels of pain, and ability to move around comfortably all give us clues as to our companions' condition. It doesn’t make you a bad pet parent, and it is not unkind to help your pet transition while they are still having some “good days”.

Our pets love us, and it is a gift to be able to help them peacefully pass with dignity at home. If you have made an appointment already, but are unsure about the decision, we recommend consulting with your family veterinarian, friends and/or family members who know your pet well. We recommend that you discuss your concerns with your home euthanasia veterinarian before arrival as some veterinarians will not perform both a formal consultation and euthanasia at the same appointment time.

Please be reassured that only after your family and in-home euthanasia veterinarian agree that this is the right decision for everyone, will the veterinarian proceed with helping your friend have a gentle goodbye in the comfort of your home.

What should I do if I need to change the timing of my appointment, or my pet passes unexpectedly?

 If you need to change the timing of your appointment, use the reschedule link in the bottom of your confirmation email to choose a new time, or a new day with the same veterinarian.

To see all open appointments and schedule a new time with a different CodaPet veterinarian, make a new appointment here and cancel your initial appointment once you find a time that works for you. If you do not see a time that works for you, or need help you can reach us at 1-833-CODAPET (833-263-2738).

If your pet needs to be seen more urgently than previously planned, and there is no availability on our schedule please call us at  1-833-CODAPET (833-263-2738). We may be able to accommodate an out of hours, or urgent appointment request.

Please note there is usually an additional $150 fee for urgent visits. If you are able to travel with your pet, any 24 hour veterinary emergency center will be able to help you right away at their facility. As much as we can try to prepare for our companion’s last days, it doesn’t always go as we hope or plan.

If your pet passes before your appointment, you may wish for the veterinarian to still come and help facilitate aftercare. In the unfortunate event this situation occurs, please reach out to your veterinarian or call us at  1-833-CODAPET (833-263-2738).

Can I change my mind about aftercare decisions for my pet?

Yes, If you choose to have your veterinarian handle your pet's aftercare (cremation), they will handle all of the arrangements according to your wishes (which you will verify at the time of the appointment).

For more information on types of aftercare, please see the link here.

What should I expect at the appointment?

We understand that the decision to say goodbye to a beloved pet is an incredibly emotional and difficult one, and we are here to support you through the process. Our in-home euthanasia service is designed to provide a peaceful and painless passing for your pet, so they may be released from any suffering they may be experiencing. We understand that as a pet parent, you may have questions and concerns, and we encourage you to visit our in-home euthanasia page for a step-by-step guide that will help you feel fully informed and at ease. Our goal is to make this difficult time as compassionate and comforting as possible for you and your pet.

Can I record the process?

It is our policy to preserve the dignity and sanctity of the transition process from life to death and we do not allow video recording of any kind. We do allow video chat with family members or friends through a non-recording video such as FaceTime, Skype, etc. Please obtain permission from your chosen veterinarian to take pictures that include them.

After your appointment

Does the veterinarian take my pet with them after the appointment?

If you choose to have your CodaPet veterinarian facilitate aftercare (private or communal cremation) they will handle all of the arrangements according to your wishes. After you have spent as much time as you need to say goodbye, the veterinarian will take your pet with them when they leave your home, unless you have selected self-handling.

We understand each pet is a cherished member of your family, and they will be treated with kindness and dignity the entire time they are in our care.

How am I reunited with my pet's ashes' (for private aftercare)?

For private or individual cremations, there may be several options for returning your pet's ashes to you, depending on your area: in most cases, pet owners pick up their ashes directly from the crematorium; in some cases, ashes may be available to be delivered by mail or by your veterinarian personally (additional shipping or travel fees may apply). We recommend you discuss available options with your veterinarian during your appointment to choose the available option that is best for you.

Will my regular veterinarian be notified of my pets passing?

Yes, your veterinarian will take care of letting your pet’s regular veterinarian know the difficult decision you made to have your pet pass peacefully in your home. If you need us to reach out to more than one hospital or clinic that has cared for your pet, just let your veterinarian know.


What is CodaPet?

CodaPet empowers end-of-life veterinarians who provide compassionate care to dogs, cats, and companion animals where they are most comfortable - surrounded by the love of family and the familiarity of home. Read more about us here.

What qualifications are required to be a CodaPet veterinarian?

Prior to onboarding, all veterinarians show us proof that they are licensed to practice in any state(s) they plan to schedule visits; they must also show us proof of their insurance. We personally interview all candidates to be sure they share our vision for serving pets and pet parents to ensure a peaceful and compassionate end to their time together.

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