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In-home pet euthanasia for your beloved dogs & cats in Fresno, CA

Our compassionate licensed veterinarians are available to help ease the pain of your beloved dog or cat at home, surrounded by loved ones.

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Fresno Service Area

Meet local veterinarians in Fresno, CA serving pet parents with at-home pet euthanasia

Find and book local veterinarians to support you through this difficult time in the comfort of your home providing loving and professional care in your pet's final moments, starting at $300 for at-home pet euthanasia and starting at $75 for aftercare & cremation.

Dr. Karen Whala

Dr. Karen Whala

(220) reviews


Dr. Karen Whala has always had a soft spot for the older pets she’s treated in practice and saw a need for these beloved pets to pass peacefully at home rather than in a clinic setting. To that end, she started Peaceful Passing in 2018 to help families assist their terminally ill, injured, or suffering pets as they transitioned from life in the Fresno and Clovis areas. She finds that pets are so much more relaxed and peaceful when they pass at home, and it is truly a gift owners give their furry friends. Dr. Whala grew up in the Eastern foothills of Fresno County in the small towns of Dunlap and Miramonte. She obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science and Management at UC Davis. During her youth, she operated a children’s petting zoo and traveled to schools, birthday parties, and library functions educating children on animal care. Her animals included everything from iguanas and ducklings to lambs and frogs, and it was during these formative pet-owning years that she decided to become a veterinarian. In 2006, Dr. Whala graduated with her veterinary degree from UC Davis. She began practicing at a local area mixed animal practice and worked with dairy cattle, horses, dogs, and cats and later transitioned to small animals exclusively. She took a few years break from private practice, during which she earned a Masters in Public Health and Board Certification in Veterinary Preventive Medicine. When Dr. Whala returned to private practice, it was to start Peaceful Passing. Dr. Whala lives in Fresno and keeps busy working at a local clinic part-time, helping families assist in the peaceful passing of their pets, volunteering with Pathfinders (a boys and girls club), backpacking, and hosting friends in her home. ‍

Dr. Mashawn Orth

Dr. Mashawn Orth

(37) reviews


Dr. Orth developed a love of animals and science at a young age and knew that veterinary medicine was the perfect career choice. She obtained her bachelor's degree at the University of California, Davis. While there, she stayed busy volunteering at local veterinary clinics, working with a parrot outreach group, and participating in research at a feline nutrition center. During this time, she also enjoyed tutoring undergraduate students and substitute teaching for K-12. After some post-graduate education, Washington State became her home, and she soon obtained her Veterinary degree from Washington State University. She has worked in Fresno since graduation in both a day practice and an emergency setting. While she loved healthy puppy, kitten, and even reptile visits, she soon realized that sometimes a vet's job also necessitates relieving suffering and helping pets to pass peacefully. To be able to further experience and support the bond between humans and their pets has been an honor that she is truly grateful for. Dr. Orth believes that euthanasia in our pet’s homes is a peaceful, loving, and more comfortable way to help them pass, surrounded by the people they love. Family is so important and our pets make up such a special role in our lives. Her husband and she have 3 children, and a household full of fuzzies, fins, fangs, and feathers. In her free time, she enjoys reading, jogging, and catching up on great television series.

We are here to answer your questions every day (833-CodaPet or 833-263-2738). Our network of compassionate veterinarians have appointments available throughout the week. Please book here to schedule.

What should I expect at my appointment?

We understand that the decision to say goodby to your beloved dog or cat is an incredibly emotional and challenging one. Our community of compassionate veterinarians in Fresno & surrounding cites are here to support you through this time. The in-home pet euthanasia service our community of veterinarians offer aims to provide a stress free and peaceful transition for your beloved pet so they may be relieved from any suffering they might be experiencing. We understand that as a pet owner, you may have questions and concerns. Here are answers to other frequently asked questions to help you feel fully informed and at ease. Our goal is to make this difficult time as compassionate and comforting as possible for you and your pet.


Here is standard pricing but actual pricing will vary across cities, size of pets, vets, and day/time of the week. For specific pricing, please begin a booking to view different options by price.

Emergency Appointments

Sometimes pets take a turn for the worse overnight or in a short amount of time, so we do our best to accommodate same day appointments with a few hours notice but we can't guarantee that. If this is a medical emergency and you are in need of assistance please see local resources below.

Cities Served Near Fresno, CA

Hwy 145/Eastman Lake/Raymond
Madera Ranchos
North Fork
Squaw Valley
Tesoro Viejo

Resources Near Fresno, CA

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals Near Fresno, CA

If your pet has an urgent need for pet euthanasia and a veterinarian in our network isn't available, here are clinics and emergency hospitals for pets in need for end of life care.

Emergency veterinary clinics in Fresno, California play a vital role in providing essential care to pets during unforeseen medical crises. One prominent emergency veterinary clinic in Fresno is the Fresno Pet ER, which is staffed with experienced veterinarians and equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities. They specialize in handling a wide range of emergencies, including pet euthanasia and aftercare services, ensuring that pets receive prompt and expert care when it matters most.

Another notable emergency veterinary clinic in Fresno is the All Creatures Veterinary Emergency Clinic. This facility's dedicated team of veterinarians and support staff understands the stress and anxiety that can accompany a pet emergency, and they ensure that pets receive the highest standard of care.

Located on West Spruce Avenue, the Central California Veterinary Specialty Center also offers a range of specialized services, including emergency and critical care. Their team of board-certified specialists and emergency veterinarians collaborates to provide comprehensive care for pets facing medical crises such as pet euthanasia.

Here are other local pet clinics and hospitals near Fresno:

Waterhouse Animal Hospital

1115 E Champlain Dr.
Fresno, CA 93720

Abby Pet Hospital

4508 E Ashlan Ave
Fresno CA 93726

Armstrong Pet Hospital

1710 Shaw Ave
Clovis CA 93611

24/7 Pet Vets

1639 N Fresno St.
Fresno CA 93703

Fresno Pet ER

7375 N Palm Bluffs Ave
Fresno CA 93711

Fresno Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center

6606 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno CA 93710

Dr Gary was extremely kind and empathtic.

Ruth L

Dec 7, 2023

Dr. Sarah Clem was so sweet, gentle and understanding.

Rachel F

Dec 4, 2023

I wish I had known this was an option for my other pets when I had to put them down...

Lea S

Dec 2, 2023

It was a lot easier going through this procedure with my sweet pet at home, than taking her somewhere.


Dec 1, 2023

Very understanding and caring

Audrey N.

Nov 30, 2023

Dr. Hsia was very kind, patient and compassionate.

Lorna L

Nov 30, 2023

Losing a pet is always heartbreaking. We were devastated when it came time for our 15 1/2 year old rhodesian to go but Dr Karen helped ease us through the process. She was caring, patient and compassionate. What a blessing to be able to do this in the comfort of our own home with our other dog there too. Dr Karen continued her grace when returning his ashes back to us in a beautiful wooden box engraved with his name. Highly recommend!

Lara O

Nov 30, 2023

I’ll never forgot Dr. Clem’s kindness and compassion. As difficult as saying goodbye was, we had such a peaceful experience and for that I will be forever grateful.

Jenna S.

Nov 30, 2023

Dr Karen is extremely empathetic and compassionate

Nikolai K.

Nov 29, 2023

Dr. Sarah Clem was amazing. She was so kind in one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. I am so thankful for this at home service. This made a very difficult situation less stressful for both Trixie and myself. Truly this was such a calm peaceful experience. Thank you!

Deana W

Nov 27, 2023