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In-home pet euthanasia for your beloved dogs & cats in Columbus, OH

Our compassionate licensed veterinarians are available to help ease the pain of your beloved dog or cat at home, surrounded by loved ones.

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Columbus & Surrounding Cities Service Area

Meet local veterinarians in Columbus, OH serving pet parents with at-home pet euthanasia

Find and book local veterinarians to support you through this difficult time in the comfort of your home providing loving and professional care in your pet's final moments, starting at $420 for at-home pet euthanasia and starting at $50 for aftercare & cremation.

Considering euthanasia for your pet in Columbus, OH and surrounding cities provides many options such as clinics, vet hospitals, and mobile vets that will travel to your home (or place of your choice) to help you provide the most peaceful passing you can provide your beloved pet. We understand that you want the best for your furry friend and we are here to support you. Euthanasia is a humane way to relieve your pet's suffering when their quality of life has declined. Talk to your general veterinarian about your options if you need to understand your option. Taking the time to say goodbye in a way that feels right for you is important. You can read more about in-home pet euthanasia here. We are here to help you through this challenging time.


Here is standard pricing but actual pricing will vary across cities, size of pets, vets, and day/time of the week. For specific pricing, please begin a booking to view different options by price.

Emergency Appointments

Sometimes pets take a turn for the worse overnight or in a short amount of time, so we do our best to accommodate same day appointments with a few hours notice but we can't guarantee that. If this is a medical emergency and you are in need of assistance please see local resources below.

Cities Served Near Columbus, OH

Grove City
Canal Winchester
Lewis Center
New Albany

Resources Near Columbus, OH

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals Near Columbus, OH

If your pet has an urgent need for pet euthanasia and a veterinarian in our network isn't available, here are clinics and emergency hospitals for pets in need for end of life care.

Emergency veterinary clinics in Columbus, Ohio provide crucial medical care for pets outside of regular business hours. One such clinic is the MedVet Columbus, which offers 24/7 emergency and specialty care for pets. They have a team of experienced veterinarians and support staff who are trained to handle a wide range of emergencies, including pet euthanasia and aftercare services. MedVet Columbus is well-equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art facilities to provide comprehensive care for pets in need.

Another prominent emergency veterinary clinic in Columbus is the Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center of Bexley. They offer emergency services during evenings, weekends, and holidays when regular veterinary clinics are closed. The center has a dedicated team of skilled veterinarians and technicians who specialize in emergency medicine.

The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center (OSUVMC) is another renowned institution that houses an emergency veterinary clinic in Columbus. Their Emergency and Critical Care service operates 24/7 and is staffed by board-certified specialists in emergency medicine. The OSUVMC emergency clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology and offers a wide range of services including pet euthanasia. In addition to emergency care, they also provide specialized critical care for pets requiring intensive monitoring and treatment. The OSUVMC emergency clinic collaborates closely with other specialty services within the veterinary medical center to ensure comprehensive care for their patients.

Here are other local pet clinics and hospitals near Columbus:

Allpets at Pickerington

573 Hill Rd N
Pickerington, OH 43147
(614) 833-0011

Compassionate Care Animal Hospital

809 Hill Rd N
Pickerington, OH 43147
(614) 837-2273

Windmiller Equine Veterinary Services

788 Delong St
Pickerington, OH 43147
(614) 695-5225

Chevington Animal Hospital

11875 Pickerington Rd NW
Pickerington, OH 43147
(614) 837-6665

Pickerington Animal Hospital

7495 Basil Western Rd
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
(614) 837-6771

The Vet Clinic East

5101 Chatterton Rd
Columbus, OH 43232
(614) 837-3008

Cross Creeks Animal Hospital

1540 Cross Creeks Blvd
Pickerington, OH 43147
(614) 501-9999

MedVet Diley Hill

9695 Basil Western Rd
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
(614) 829-6444

Kristin was so gentle and understanding. She made this difficult process very peaceful. We would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a vet in their home for end of life services. Thank you so much Dr. Maul.

Libby W

May 14, 2023