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Pet Euthanasia

Where You Can Have Your Dog Euthanized and How To Choose

Learn where you can elect to have your dog's euthanasia procedure take place and what should consider when selecting the setting.

Dr. Gary Hsia

May 28, 2023

Saying goodbye to our beloved animals is never easy, but knowing when and how is important when showing this final kindness to our pets. If you have the time to prepare before your pet’s final days, you can plan an experience that will allow your dog to depart in a way that honors them and brings a sense of comfort and peace for the whole family.

Potential Places You Can Have Your Dog Euthanized

Deciding where to say goodbye to your dog is highly sensitive and personal, and no one place makes sense for all pets. The ideal setting will be one where your pet can feel comfortable and secure, and where you can have the degree of privacy that you desire.

No matter where you choose to have your dog euthanized, be sure to communicate with the veterinarian who will be performing the procedure to ensure you select a location in which they can safely facilitate the most peaceful transition for your pet.

In Your Home

For most people, your home is where your pet spends most of their time. It is a safe and predictable place where they know the sights, sounds, and smells like the back of their paw. It’s a place where they have lived their best moments and this makes home an ideal location for a dog to spend their final moments.

Additionally, you and your family can process, grieve, and celebrate the life of your dog however you feel best suits you. Create the atmosphere that feels right with lighting or music and begin the grieving process where you feel the most at home.

Outside at Your Home

Depending on the layout of your home, an outdoor euthanasia may be most fitting. If your dog has spent cherished hours sniffing, watching, and basking in the-out-of-doors they likely feel just as at home outside as inside. This could be your yard, porch, balcony, or wherever your pet is safe and comfortable. Of course weather must be considered when planning an outdoor farewell; and you will want to avoid times when landscaping or outdoor gatherings are going on in neighboring homes to preserve a peaceful environment. However when weather and ambient noise permit, many families opt for a blanket over a grassy patch, or under a favorite tree. With the smells of familiar plants and sounds of birds, an outdoor euthanasia can be idyllic.

As with a euthanasia inside your home, you can process and grieve in privacy when saying goodbye in your yard or other favorite outdoor spot. Additionally, if you have selected home burial for your pet’s aftercare, having them euthanized outside will be helpful in laying them to rest.

Temple or House of Worship

Some pet parents take comfort in saying goodbye to their beloved dog at a temple or house of worship. A location like this can offer you and your pet serenity. You may also appreciate the presence of your religious leader to help you process the death of your beloved companion. Sacred space, prayers, blessings, rituals, or general support from your faith community can provide immense comfort.

To ensure the respect of all involved please discuss this with your house of worship as well as your veterinarian before making the arrangements.

Natural Locations

Most dogs love the great outdoors and allowing your pet to enjoy their final moments in a natural location that brings them joy can be a beautiful gift. Places like local parks, natural preserves, or beaches may offer scenic as well as personally meaningful locations for the euthanasia process.

However, it is important to note that most natural areas are open to the public. Unless an area can be reserved, there may be other people and pets enjoying the space. This may or may not cause distress for you or your dog. If you feel it is the best location to say goodbye to your pet be sure to:

  • Make sure the area allows pets
  • Research whether you can legally perform the procedure in the location
  • Speak with your vet to ensure they can carry out the procedure at your desired location
  • Pay any necessary entrance, parking, or reservation fees

If your preferred natural location will not end up working as a euthanasia site, it may still serve as a final resting place; check to see if the location allows the spreading of pet’s ashes.

In the Clinic

Although the above locations may feel like more peaceful environments for the end of your dog’s journey, there are times when moving forward with the euthanasia procedure at a vet clinic makes the most sense. If your pet is in a hospital or emergency clinic and euthanasia is an imminent need it will likely cause suffering to transport them to another location. If the kindest thing would be to relieve their suffering where they are, that's what your veterinarian will recommend.

On the other hand, you may prefer euthanasia in the clinic if you and your dog are bonded with a veterinarian who does not offer in-home euthanasia. Often, veterinary nurses, receptionists and other clinic staff have also bonded with a pet they’ve grown to know and love over the years; they may wish to have the chance to say goodbye to your pet as well. Many clinics have a “comfort room” where families can have more privacy during euthanasias and nurses often keep special treats for pets receiving a final farewell.

What To Consider When Choosing the Right Place

Selecting a location to proceed with your pet's euthanasia will rely on several factors, but it should be a place where you and your pet feel comfortable and at ease.

The first thing to consider is the needs of your pet. For example, if they have a medical condition or mobility issues that will make it difficult for them to move, in-home or clinic euthanasia may be the best choice. Similarly, if they are easily stressed or overstimulated by the presence of other people or animals, a busy public area may not be ideal.

You should also consider the legality of the location you choose; some public places may not allow euthanasia procedures to take place, so always research ahead of time.

Lastly, be sure to communicate with your veterinarian to ensure they can provide services at that location and can provide you with information on what you can expect.

Here for You and Your Pet

Selecting a location for your pet's euthanasia is just one part of this extremely sensitive time. When the time has come, preparing a peaceful passing for your pet is one final gesture of love you can offer your canine companion. We are here to help you navigate this final chapter with your dog and provide the most tranquil euthanasia process possible.

Dr. Gary Hsia

Fresno, CA


Dr. Gary graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. After graduation, he moved west. Dr. Gary spent a year at a mixed animal practice in Oregon before moving to Fresno where he worked at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic from 2011-2021.  Read More