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Athens, GA & Surrounding Cities

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Service Area: Athens, GA & Surrounding Cities
Notice Required: 2 hours
Animals Served: All Dogs & Cats
Services Offered: Extended Travel, Deceased Pet Pick up, & In-home consult
City: Athens, GA


Meet Dr. Paula Loniak, a compassionate and experienced veterinarian with 27 years of veterinary services under her belt. Born and raised in New York and later settling in California, Dr. Loniak embarked on a journey that led her to become a dedicated advocate for in-home pet care. With a diverse background in various animal care roles, including veterinary assistant, kennel manager, and licensed vet tech in an emergency pet hospital, she discovered her true calling as a veterinarian. After completing four years of undergraduate studies at SUNY Stony Brook and another four years at the University of Georgia, she graduated in 1996 and established a house call practice in Athens, GA.Driven by the belief that pets deserve compassionate end-of-life care, Dr. Paula Loniak specializes in offering in-home euthanasia services. Recognizing the need for pet owners who face challenges in bringing their pets to a vet hospital, she provides a solution that considers the comfort and convenience of both the animals and their human companions. By conducting house calls, Dr. Loniak gains unique insights into the behavior and well-being of pets in their natural environments. She understands that house calls can alleviate stress for everyone involved, especially during difficult moments such as euthanasia.Dr. Paula Loniak received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of Georgia in 1996, following her undergraduate studies at SUNY Stony Brook in 1992. Her motivation to care for animals stems from a lifelong passion nurtured through diverse experiences, from being a horse groom and veterinary assistant to interning at the Bronx Zoo Vet Hospital. Having witnessed the unwavering love that pets provide to their owners, she believes in offering them the utmost compassion and relief when their bodies begin to fail. Dr. Loniak's commitment to in-home euthanasia allows pets to gracefully transition from a life of unconditional love to a peaceful rest.Beyond her veterinary career, Dr. Paula Loniak embraces various personal interests and hobbies. She finds joy in gardening, swimming, and indulging in books through both reading and audiobooks. Socializing with friends, attending live music events, and dancing the night away are among her favorite pastimes. Dr. Loniak even reveals her nerdy side as an avid fan of "The Big Bang Theory," happily rewatching episodes with enthusiasm. Of course, her personal life is intertwined with her love for animals, as she cherishes her own pets and fosters dogs from rescue organizations. Currently residing with her dog Lily, cat Simba, and other dogs who share her home, Dr. Paula Loniak ensures that her furry companions enjoy a harmonious and fulfilling life together.