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Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly discover the services we offer, the cost of our care packages, why so many people are choosing in-home euthanasia, and much more.


How do I schedule an appointment?

What if I have to cancel a scheduled appointment?

How do I choose a specific veterinarian?

Does CodaPet have physical clinic locations?

What type of pets do you service?

How and when can I pay for my appointment?


What is euthanasia?

Why choose in-home euthanasia?

Who can be present?

How long will the procedure take?

Knowing when it’s time

How will I know it's time?

Preparing for your appointment

Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?

Will I get to talk to the veterinarian before my appointment?

Will the veterinarian examine my pet once they get to my home, what if I am not sure it is time?

What should I do if I need to change the timing of my appointment, or my pet passes unexpectedly?

Can I change my mind about aftercare decisions for my pet?

What should I expect at the appointment?

Can I record the process?

After your appointment

Does the veterinarian take my pet with them after the appointment?

How am I reunited with my pet's ashes' (for private aftercare)?

Will my regular veterinarian be notified of my pets passing?


What is CodaPet?

What qualifications are required to be a CodaPet veterinarian?