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Dr. Tom Del Pico

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Kansas City, MO | KS and Surrounding Areas



Service Area: Kansas City, MO | KS and Surrounding Areas
Notice Required: 2 hours
Animals Served: All Dogs & Cats
Services Offered: At-home pet euthanasia, extended travel, and out-of-hours services.
City: Kansas City, MO


Dr. Tom Del Pico's journey into the world of veterinary medicine was sparked by his upbringing west of St. Louis, Missouri, where his family ran a small horse stabling business. Here, they raised and trained Tennessee Walking Horses and Paso Fino gaited horses, igniting Tom's passion for caring for animals. Early in high school, he had the privilege of working with local clinics, exposing him to the daily challenges and rewards of working with pets and livestock. Tom pursued his education at the University of Missouri, studying pre-med and Veterinary Medicine. The driving force behind Tom's choice to become a veterinarian was a deep admiration for the profession's essence. He saw veterinarians as compassionate problem solvers, advocating for creatures who couldn't voice their pain or needs. Tom found the responsibility of finding remedies for ailing or injured pets deeply noble. As a care provider and a pet parent himself, he understands the profound emotional bond between humans and their animals. Over the years, he's witnessed the remarkable advancements in pain management and palliative care for pets. Tom believes that the veterinarian's primary role is to alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, and fear during the difficult decision of euthanasia. He recognizes the importance of providing a peaceful in-home experience that contrasts with the hustle and bustle of a clinic, offering quiet comfort during such a sensitive time. Beyond his dedication to veterinary medicine, Tom finds solace in woodworking and creating stained glass art. He enjoys the thrill of mountain biking and spends time with his two bird dogs. His career spans 40 years, initially involving livestock and equine care in Clay and Platte County, Missouri. Over time, his focus shifted entirely to small animal clinical medicine, with a particular passion for surgery and managing allergic diseases. Tom's journey also led him to love and family, as he met his wife through veterinary care for her horse. They now share their lives with two energetic Weimaraners and indulge in the unique hobby of pigeon racing. Dr. Tom Del Pico's enduring commitment to animals and their well-being is a testament to his lifelong passion for veterinary care.