Dr. Sheryl Hemmer

Dr. Sheryl Hemmer

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Omaha, NE & Surrounding Cities


6 Years
Animals Served:
All Dogs & Cats
Notice Required:
2 Hours

Services Offered:

In-home pet euthanasia, Extended Travel, Deceased Pet Pick up, & Out-of-Hours Appointments


When you seek the services of Dr. Sheryl Hemmer, you're connecting with a veterinarian who has 6 years of experience and a lifelong passion for animals. Growing up on a farm near Humphrey, Nebraska, Dr. Hemmer cared for animals throughout childhood, leading to an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 2013 and a DVM from Iowa State University in 2017. Specializing in Canine, Feline, and Small Mammals, Dr. Hemmer's motivation is clear: to provide the best care possible to every animal encountered, with a particular focus on compassionate in-home euthanasia to relieve pain and bring peace to family pets.

Dr. Hemmer's personal connection to animals extends to her own pets, including two dogs, Juniper and Joy, and four domestic cats, Mrs. Norris, Nightman, Hagrid, and Darla. These beloved companions keep Dr. Hemmer active and happy, reinforcing her understanding of the unique bond between pets and their owners. This personal insight translates into a gentle and empathetic approach, especially during the difficult process of in-home euthanasia.

Outside of her veterinary practice, Dr. Hemmer's interests are as vibrant as her love for animals. Whether hiking, attending yoga classes, playing sand volleyball, traveling, or trying new food, Dr. Hemmer's zest for life is evident. With Dr. Sheryl Hemmer, you can rest assured that your pet's well-being is in the hands of someone who not only possesses professional expertise but also a genuine love and understanding of the animals she cares for.

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