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Dr. Lauren Keyser

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Columbus, GA & Surrounding Cities



Service Area: Columbus, GA & Surrounding Cities
Notice Required: 2 hours
Animals Served: All Dogs, Cats, Small Pocket Pets
Services Offered: At-home pet euthanasia, deceased pet pick up, out of hours, & extended travel
City: Columbus, GA


Dr. Lauren Keyser is a dedicated veterinarian with a passion for providing compassionate care to pets and their owners. She graduated from Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2021, marking the realization of a lifelong dream. Her journey in veterinary medicine began with a strong foundation, having obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida in 2016. Lauren's love for animals extends beyond her professional life. She shares her home with a loving menagerie, including five dogs, multiple fish, and a "skinny" pig (a hairless guinea pig). Lauren's diverse experiences have led her to live all over the country, enriching her understanding of the human-animal bond and the importance of veterinary care. Lauren is deeply committed to her role as a veterinarian and understands the significance of end-of-life care for pets. In just her two years of practice, she has received numerous requests for at-home euthanasias, recognizing the challenges and emotional impact of these moments. Lauren's desire to provide love and comfort to pets in their final moments drives her dedication to offering in-home euthanasia services. Beyond her veterinary work, Lauren enjoys a variety of interests, from playing Pokémon and following Bravo TV shows to prioritizing her mental health in the demanding field of veterinary medicine. Her furry and finned family members, including dogs Blue, Gurgi, Kenya, Senna, and Marlo, as well as the lovable guinea pig Guillermo, are a testament to her genuine love and care for animals.