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Dr. Christina Vernon

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Phoenix & Surrounding Areas

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Service Area: Phoenix & Surrounding Areas
Notice Required: 2 hours
Animals Served: All Dogs & Cats
Services Offered: Extended Travel & Deceased Pet Pick up
City: Phoenix, AZ


If you're searching for a veterinarian who is both compassionate and experienced in providing in-home pet euthanasia, Dr. Christina Vernon is a great choice. With years of experience in veterinary medicine, Dr. Vernon has developed a deep love for animals and a passion for providing compassionate care during difficult times. Dr. Vernon completed both her undergraduate studies and Veterinary school at Iowa State University before moving to Arizona to begin her career. Over the years, she has worked with many types of animals and has developed a strong desire to provide support to pets and their owners during their final moments together. Dr. Vernon's motivation for becoming a veterinarian stems from her love of animals and her fascination with science and problem-solving. She strives to provide a compassionate, peaceful, and stress-free experience for pets and their owners, and her goal is to ensure that pets feel loved and comfortable in their final moments. When she's not working, Dr. Vernon enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband and two children, as well as her four-legged children: two German Shepherds named AJ and Nebula, and two adorable kitties named Captain and Lena.