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Dr. Caitlin Klepper

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Des Moines, IA & Surrounding Cities

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Service Area: Des Moines, IA & Surrounding Cities
Notice Required: 2 hours
Animals Served: All dogs and cats
Services Offered: Extended Travel & Deceased Pet Pick up
City: Des Moines, IA


I'm a dedicated veterinarian with a strong passion for animals and their well-being. With 6 years of experience in veterinary services, I have honed my skills and expertise to provide top-notch care to dogs and cats. My primary focus is on delivering compassionate and personalized veterinary services to pets in the comfort of their own homes, particularly specializing in in-home pet euthanasia. Growing up on a Pulled Hereford farm in Lambertville, NJ, I was fortunate to be surrounded by animals and the animal care industry. My mother worked as a veterinary technician, and my father was involved with an animal pharmaceutical company. This upbringing immersed me in the world of animals from an early age. Alongside my hobbies of rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, and active participation in 4-H, I developed a deep appreciation for the unique bond between humans and animals. When the time came for college, I attended Clemson University, where I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. It was during my time at Clemson that I also fell in love with football, further broadening my interests and experiences. Following my undergraduate studies, I moved to Kansas, where I had the privilege of spending time with my two living great-grandmothers. It was there that I delved into the public health program at Kansas State University while simultaneously preparing to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. In 2016, my dedication and hard work paid off when I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Kansas State University. Equipped with a strong foundation and a burning passion for animal welfare, I embarked on my journey as an associate veterinarian just outside Kansas City. Over the course of six fulfilling years, I cultivated a deep appreciation for surgical procedures and the unique connections formed with clients and their beloved pets. In 2022, I made a life-changing decision to relocate to Iowa, where I established my own business. This endeavor allowed me to provide relief veterinary services to local clinics while also fulfilling my heartfelt commitment to offering in-home pet euthanasia services. It brings me great satisfaction to bring comfort and peace to pets and their owners during these challenging times. Beyond my professional life, farming holds a special place in my heart. I currently reside on a hobby farm, where I share my life with a variety of animals that have become cherished members of my family. I enjoy spending time outdoors, engaging in activities such as hiking, fishing, and hunting. During moments of relaxation, I find solace and creative expression in crafting, particularly through knitting. Among my personal pets are three delightful dogs—Finn, Jolene, and Trace—who provide endless joy and companionship to me and my family. Additionally, our four cats—Angus, Oliver, Lola, and Rooster—warm our hearts and keep the farm rodent-free. Alice and Hodie, our two lovable donkeys, play important roles as companions and protectors of our sheep. Our diverse poultry, including peafowl, ducks, and guineas, bring life and entertainment to the farm while contributing to its ecosystem. The friendly Gotland sheep not only have lovely personalities but also provide lambs and fleece every year, adding to the farm's vibrancy. For me, veterinary medicine is not just a profession but a true calling. It brings me immense happiness to care for animals and contribute to their well-being. Knowing that I am making a positive impact in the lives of both animals and their human companions is what drives me each day. With my extensive experience, genuine love for animals, and unwavering commitment to providing the best veterinary care, you can trust that your beloved pets will receive the utmost compassion and expertise under my care.