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Dr. Andrea Dover

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Vancouver, WA & Surrounding Cities

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Service Area: Vancouver, WA & Surrounding Cities
Notice Required: 2 hours
Animals Served: All Dogs & Cats, Small Mammals, Rabbits, Poultry, and Amphibian/Reptiles
Services Offered: In-Home Pet Euthanasia, Out of Hours, and Extended travel
City: Vancouver, WA


Originally hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Andrea Dover is a seasoned veterinarian who graduated from the Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999 (or, as her students jokingly tease, "before the turn of the century!"). Her veterinary journey has been diverse, encompassing two distinct phases. In the first half of her career, she embraced the adrenaline rush of emergency medicine. Later, she transitioned into the role of educator, imparting her knowledge to future veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Throughout her veterinary odyssey, one aspect has consistently touched her heart—performing in-home euthanasia, providing comfort and solace to both pets and their families. Dr. Dover currently resides in the countryside, sharing her home with a horse, a llama, and a dog named Peanut. Throughout her veterinary career, Dr. Dover has found her greatest fulfillment in supporting animals and their owners through the sensitive and emotional journey of end-of-life care. Her passion for hospice work has spanned over a decade, and she considers it a profound honor to facilitate a peaceful and pain-free transition for beloved animal companions. Beyond her professional life, Dr. Dover is an avid enthusiast of horseback riding, international travel, and live music events. Her animal companions include Aura, a 25-year-old Arab/Quarterhorse Palomino, who may be a retired senior citizen but still keeps things interesting with his Dennis-The-Menace moments. Larry the Llama is Aura's constant companion, and they share an unbreakable bond. The true star of the Dover household, however, is Peanut, a terrier/Maltese rescue from the humane society. Peanut is convinced that everyone he meets is a friend and exists solely for his entertainment. Dr. Andrea Dover considers it a privilege to offer support to families and their beloved companions during the poignant and significant end-of-life transition.