Considerations When Offering In-Home Euthanasia Services

Considerations and necessary qualifications to begin offering this beautiful service to pet parrents.

September 23, 2022

When considering offering this service, here are what we consider to be the general considerations and necessary qualifications:

  1. Be a compassionate and empathetic veterinarian
  2. Have a valid and active veterinary license in the State(s) you wish to practice
  3. Have or have the ability to obtain a DEA license - required to order drugs 
  4. Have the ability to purchase the supplies and drugs you will need (we provide links on where to find and purchase these items as well as the start up costs when you sign on with us)
  5. Have the ability to transport a pet on a stretcher for aftercare (a clean vehicle such as a hatchback, van, or SUV)
  6. Access to a pet crematorium
  7. Ability to store deceased pets after hours or when a crematorium is not open.  

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