Five Side Gigs for Vets

Veterinarians, like many professionals, often seek additional income streams outside their primary occupation. Here are a few side gigs that can help veterinarians find the missing piece whether that be a change of pace, job satisfaction, or extra income while utilizing their skills and expertise.

Writing and Consulting

Many veterinarians have a wealth of knowledge that can be shared through writing and consulting. They can contribute articles to pet care publications or websites, write e-books, or even create their own blog. Veterinarians can also offer their expertise as a consultant to pet food companies, pet supply stores, or other businesses in the pet industry.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Veterinarians can offer their services as pet sitters or dog walkers to clients in their community. This side gig allows them to interact with animals while providing a much-needed service to pet owners. They can use their veterinary knowledge to ensure the pets are safe and healthy during their care and enjoy positive interactions with animals.

Public Speaking and Education

Veterinarians can share their knowledge by giving public presentations or teaching coursework in a variety of schools and vocational colleges. Topics for public speaking can range from general pet care to specific health issues or breed-related concerns. They can also participate in community events or local schools to educate the public about animal care and safety. Veterinarians can also work with schools to teach biology coursework, and animal husbandry, or provide hands-on learning opportunities for students in veterinary technician programs.

Telemedicine and Teleadvice

Where allowed, telemedicine enables veterinarians to provide consultations and diagnoses remotely. Teleadvice does not form a veterinarian-client-patient relationship and focuses on best practices or general questions such as diet, flea preventatives and flea life cycles, and pet husbandry. This side gig can be done from the comfort of their home or office, with the right technology and software.

In-Home Euthanasia Veterinarian

An in-home euthanasia vet is a veterinarian who specializes in providing end-of-life care to animals in the comfort of their own homes. These veterinarians help pet parents make difficult decisions regarding their pets' quality of life and when it is time to say goodbye. In-home euthanasia vets must be compassionate, empathetic, and skilled in communicating with clients during a challenging time. This option allows veterinarians to focus on providing comfort and support to pet parents and their animals during a sensitive time. It also offers a more flexible work schedule and the ability to work independently.

Do you consider yourself a compassionate and empathetic person?

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Do you desire to share authentic moments of connection with grateful pet parents, have ample time within each appointment and minimal administrative work?

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