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Dr. Daniela Lutri

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Anaheim, CA & Surrounding Areas

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Service Area: Anaheim, CA & Surrounding Areas
Notice Required: 4 Hours
Animals Served: All Dogs & Cats
Services Offered: Extended Travel, Out of Hours, and Private & Communal Aftercare Cremations
City: Anaheim CA


Dr. Lutri, originally from Argentina, South America, has always been passionate about animals. As a child, she remembers drawing a picture of herself with a little dog on a table, wanting to help it. After completing six years of vet school abroad, she pursued her dream of becoming licensed in the United States. Since graduating, Dr. Lutri has been practicing as a general practitioner and relief doctor, providing assistance to hospitals around the LA/OC area. In 2020, Dr. Lutri completed her DVM education from ECFVG, after earning her degree from the National University of Rio Cuarto in 2004. A few years ago, she faced the difficult decision of euthanizing her own beloved pet after it was hit by a car. This experience gave her a deeper understanding of the sorrow and pain that pet parents go through when making the same decision for their furry friends. Dr. Lutri's empathy towards animals and their families led her to begin offering in-home euthanasia services, where she can provide support to pet owners during their pets' last moments. Unlike the appointments at busy hospitals and clinics where time is limited, Dr. Lutri's in-home services allow her to give support throughout the process. When not practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Lutri enjoys spending time with her family, especially her husband, and daughter. They love to go on weekend getaways together. After losing her beloved pet almost two years ago, Dr. Lutri and her family are preparing to adopt a new furry friend. Lastly, Dr. Lutri is also fluent in Spanish, allowing her to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking pet owners and provide them with quality care for their beloved pets.