Quality of Life Assement

There is never a good or easy time to say goodbye to our beloved pets. It's often one of the most difficult decisions you may be faced with making but when old age progresses, or unexpected injury or terminal illness hits, our four-legged friends have no choice but to depend on “Mom” or “Dad” to protect them from needless suffering. Despite this weighing heavily on us, no one wants to say their goodbyes too soon or too late. This often makes knowing when it's time very distressing.

Quality of life survey
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Quality Of Life Assessment

First let's understand what is a quality of life scale?

Pet quality of life scales are used to determine a more objective measure of your pet's quality of life based on how your pet is feeling. A quality of life questionnaire helps you address different aspects in your pet's life to assess their overall comfort and happiness. These aspects can include mobility, appetite, presence of anxiety, and breathing difficulties. These questionnaires are typically used when a pet has a terminal illness or is at an end life stage.

Tips for completing a quality of life questionnaire

When considering the answers, try to limit the time frame for your pets symptoms to within the last 7 days or less.

It is strongly recommended to take the questionnaire at least 3 times at different times of the day to get a better assessment, or have a family member or friend who understands your pet's daily activity help to complete the questionnaire as well.

If you feel ready, the Quality of Life Assessment questionnaire is a tool designed to help you make a more objective assessment of your pet's overall quality of life.

Take the Quality Of Life Questionnaire

Remember to consult closely with your pet’s regular veterinarian. They can evaluate your pet’s condition, estimate the chances for recovery, and discuss any potential disabilities, special needs, and long-term problems. Ask questions. Take time to review the facts, and then discuss them with your family and friends before making the decision.  Expect to feel a wide range of emotions during the process. Sadness, anger, guilt, numbness, inability to focus are all very common and understandable. You may be hit with many of these feelings at once or you might cycle back and forth through them. Unfortunately, working with this questionnaire will not alleviate these feelings, but know that thousands of pet parents who have been in your shoes have found quality of life scales extremely helpful. 

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Reviews from Pet Parents Like You


She went so peacefully

"We were saying good buy to our dog. She had been a daily part of out lives for 15 years. Needless to say there were a lot of tears and emotions involved. The Dr could not have handled the situation any better. He explained step by step what was going to happen. Then gave is the time to say what we needed to say both before and after. At no point were we rushed. She went so peacefully. She was the last of 3 dogs we had from young to old. The previous 2 we had euthanized in a clinic setting. And even though i was literally holding them they were still stressed when the time came.  She didn't have to feel that at the end. "

Brice e.
Feb 2023

A heartfelt thank you

"I cannot say enough positive about my experience...making the decision was difficult but once I did, Dr. Gary made the rest easy for me, perfect for my family and most of all for Feeny...I received so many positive words and helpful quotes about grief from Dr. Gary...I have already told the story and recommended Dr. Gary and CodaPet to so many friends...a heartfelt thank you for your home service and your compassion..."

Vicky J.
Feb 2023

Incredibly kind

Dr. Sarah was incredibly kind in a very sad situation. Incredibly professional with a personal bed side manor. Thank you

Screven J.
Jan 2023

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